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[quote author=silentfury214 board=general thread=1169 post=9025 time=1256162285]Spring is probably going to be the best bet since you are new to sniping. Here is a list of guns going from cheap/not so good to expensive/amazing:
JG BAR-10: $110
UTG MK96: $160
Tokyo Marui VSR-10: around $200
Tokyo Marui L96: around $280
Maruzen APS2 Sniper: $280
CA M24: about $300
Maruzen MK96: from $325 to $400

The next best would be electric. there are a lot of electrics out there but here are a few:
A&K SR25: $200
G&G and CA M14: $250
KWA SR12: $385
Tokyo Marui M14: $400
and many more...

The last would be gas. This is because, without serious upgrades, gas guns are very inconsistent.
KJW M700: $200
CA M24 (with gas bolt): $350?
Tanaka M-series: $350-$450
Tanaka AICS series: $400-$600
Right Hook Fabrication: $900-$2200 (these are super upgraded, and the best you can get stock)
Why does everyone say that?? Has anyone seen them work on here? I have heard from people who say they are nothing special. I will admit they do have some nice bodies on them...but that is where it ends. A lot of the internal mods you can do yourself if you have the know how. And like I have said before these rifles are either made out of a Tanaka or a KJ M700...

And if you do get one of these rifles you can't do anything to it. You can't take it apart and tweak it or even clean it! If you do and mess it up the guys at RHF wont touch it because you VOIDED the warranty!

So a lot more hassle than what it is worth. That and if you really want to get to know your rifle you need to work on it yourself. And for the price of that rifle you can make one hell of a rifle yourself.

I would go for a spring rifle. Look at either the VSR-10 or the Maruzen. Both rifles have a ton of upgrades and a lot of people can help you with them as well.

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LOL.... ok just making sure

Yeah when we first got a look at them they looked awsome! They claimed 300' kills every shot. But when you read into it and look more at them, you see that only the main owner was able to reproduce those shots.

Which means to me that he knows his rifle. And that is all it takes to make those shots. Know your rifle and put the time into them and you will know what they can do.

And yes if you dismantle the rifle you void the warrenty. Which I think is a crock! I mean how are you suppose to clean your rifle or change a bucking if you can't take the rifle apart?

If you want something that you can add parts to and tweek. Look at the VSR class of rifles. I took a clone, the JG Bar-10, and have it shooting at 530 fps with .30's right now. Great rifle and trying to sell it so I can work on something new
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