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A Few Questions

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Hey guys, I'm pretty new to airsoft and don't know much about the rifles themselves. I was wondering, what rifle should i go with? Which power route is better? gas, spring, or electric? Are the expensive rifles worth it? or should i just buy a cheap one and upgrade? What company puts out the best rifles, etc. Any kind of help would be much appreciated. Thanks guys

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I agree with Mojo. Be sure that you know what airsoft sniping is before you jump into it. Also, make a post in the introduction section.
Spring is probably going to be the best bet since you are new to sniping. Here is a list of guns going from cheap/not so good to expensive/amazing:
JG BAR-10: $110
UTG MK96: $160
Tokyo Marui VSR-10: around $200
Tokyo Marui L96: around $280
Maruzen APS2 Sniper: $280
CA M24: about $300
Maruzen MK96: from $325 to $400

The next best would be electric. there are a lot of electrics out there but here are a few:
A&K SR25: $200
G&G and CA M14: $250
KWA SR12: $385
Tokyo Marui M14: $400
and many more...

The last would be gas. This is because, without serious upgrades, gas guns are very inconsistent.
KJW M700: $200
CA M24 (with gas bolt): $350?
Tanaka M-series: $350-$450
Tanaka AICS series: $400-$600
Right Hook Fabrication: $900-$2200 (these are super upgraded, and the best you can get stock)

With all of these guns, you will need to be prepared to do a lot of upgrading. (Sniping isn't one of, if not the, most expensive sports for nothing)

After upgrades, be expecting to pay upwards of $500-$600. The good thins is, is that the upgrades don't all have to be at once.

In my opinion:
Sniping- spring/gas
Marksman/DM- electric

I hope this helps!
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I put the RHF rifle in there as a joke, mainly because nobody would spend that kind of money on something that they could build themselves for a lot cheaper.
If you take apart any gun it will void the warranty.
RHF rifles are for people who don't have enough time to build their own and have WAY too much money.
Hope this clears things up.
Sorry :-[
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