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Name: Nicolai

Callsign: 2Bravo

Experience: I have played airsoft for 6 -7 years, and started to play as a sniper only 2 years ago.

My arsenal: Co2 powered Beretta (sidearm) Tokyo Marui vsr-10 sniper rifle (with upgraded internals as: laylax among other)
Fps: 500
Range: 230 feet
Effective range: 115 feet
Bullets: 0.40g (madbull)

My camo: Selvfmade ghillie suit (Woodland), flight suit with ghillie-rags. I also use an Norwegian uniform and a tactical molle vest when i play as an urban sniper. (woodland)

Other hobbies: Guitar, hanging out with friends, fishing and hunting, last but not least spending days and night out in the Norwegian woods :)

Born and live in Norway

Sorry for my bad English (you see, in Norway we don't learn a **** in school
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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