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Name: Cody Stainton
Callsign: Skank (the dance, not the derogatory term, pervert.)

Experience: Played airsoft and woodsball for 4 (maybe 5) years. Have a lifetime experience of working on/with (real) guns.

Arsenal: JG m4a1 S-System and some second hand pump shotty and co2 pistol, and an arsenal and a half of satirical one liners.

Your camo: Subdued ACU, Regular ACU, and currently transforming woodland BDU to a ghillie

What are your other hobbies?: Guitar, Reading, Shooting, Playing airsoft, Tetris, D.I.Y. and retro fitting, herpetology, and other fun fun stuff.

Where do you reside? Northern Georgia. If you happen to end up in this area and are up for a game, hit me up.
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