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A&K M24 budget upgrade guide

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Hello, since this gun is awesome and beats the finish on the Snow Wolf and CYMA M24 version and also nice to your wallet since few spare parts needs to be bought. I'm gonna make a little guide with the mods i've done to get this baby up and running with precision that beats the SSG24, and yes i've tested 2 of them and weren't that impressed. Even mates with fully PDI kitted guns is amazed how this gun runs for the little amount of money put into it.

The gun comes with 90 degree steel zero trigger with steel sears. Steel cylinder, aluminium piston and a steel springguide with bearings. The downside is that there is no aftermarket hopupunits, its a VSR style house, although a bit smaller.

So what i've done to the gun is the following:

-Shims made out aluminium cans, running the length of the hopuphouse to stabilize it, was alot of wobble before this. Also some sugru on the pin holding the arm to stabilize it even more. With this its rock solid. No need to buy a dangerwerx arm.
- King Arms VSR10 air seal rubber. Teflon tape running along the whole rubber ending a inch or two along the barrel. Almost perfect airseal.
- Guarder 6.03 520mm VSR precision barrel.
- Made 3 barrel spacers out of masking tape to stabilize the inner barrel.
- Glued a piece of o-ring on the hopuparm for even pressure on the hopup rubber.
- Swapped the screws in chinesium to steel ones

With this, the precision is awesome and consistent.

- Dampers out of SUGRU on the pistonhead and nozzlehead, this silence the gun alot and reduce wear and tear, the original damper was crap and just crumbled after a few shots.
- Element M145 spring, puts out around 580 FPS. Just installed a M155, will update FPS on that. (P.S only 11mm spring will fit into the original piston. Many upgrade springs are 13mm in outer diameter)
- Teflon tape on the threads on the nozzlehead.
- Swapped the o-ring on the piston, the original was crap. Dimension on the o-ring is 17x2.5mm.

With the airsoftpro M155 spring the gun puts out 595 fps, not the biggest change but still ok.

Only had to glue a piece of plastic in the magwell since the magazines wasnt pressed up against the hopuphouse and i had feeding problems, after this i've had no problems. Might just be my example, i've tested another A&K and there was no problem there.

The magazines can be quite a pain in the *ss to find, although there is a Snow Wolf version using the exact same mags. Ive bought 3 of them and have had no problems.

Edit: I'm gonna put this up and add parts i tested that fit, still waiting on borrowing some more stuff to test with.

Snow Wolf Zero trigger, perfect fit and works with A&K.


Sugru on piston and nozzle

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Very good !!! Have you tested the maple leaf bucking ? This will increase your accuracy And the seal to! I'm surprised that with just one m145 spring you get 580 fps, as in echo m28, I think these speeds can not be achieved with the vsr10. btw what measures does the a & k piston have? the diameter and the length?
Thanks and yes i have tested the maple leaf bucking which i was recommended when i got this rifle. I didn't like it since it leaked to much air for my taste and i recently switched to the King Arms one and the result was much better both accuracy and air seal. FPS is not just about the spring, the airseal contribute alot, i gained a good amount of FPS just swapping from the maple leaf bucking to king arms.

Regarding dimensions of the piston, i will come back to that one since it's assembled and ready for tomorrow.

Video from today when i changed the spring and tested the airseal.
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I don't have the king arms bucking, i use to have in my rifle the PDI W bucking but the air seal was bad, but with the ML bucking the air seal was totaly different! I can hold the air by 2 min aprox
Nice, 2 min airseal is good. But aslong as it holds the air while the BB is leaving the barrel its good enough for me. Buckings is a long long debate, i just recommend what i have in this rifle and i know work good with it.
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Just came home from game, the gun with the airsoftpro M155 spring it puts out 595 FPS w/ .20s.
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Woow! 595 fps! That's power! Imagine how many fps you can get if you put a m190 spring!!.

Question: the sugru for making more silent the rifle, reduce the sound like half of the sound?
Great Guide!

What BB weight are you using and whats your effective range?

I´m considering to buy one, many Thanks!
Hello, im using .45's atm, regarding the range i haven't really measured it, but it shoots far, can't really give an exact number but it will be tested some other day.
I saw it was a couple of months ago since the last post. I want to buy a A&k m24 and struggle a little with aftermarket parts. Th stock internals are good for a while so I going to rock them. But if you want to buy a upgraded piston, cilinder and stuff I saw there are not many options. Is the snow wolf compatible? Of maybe the CA m24?
Well the stock internals are probably as good as aftermarket parts, still haven't found a need to put in a new cylinder or piston since they are still holding up. From what i've read the aftermarket parts for this gun is nonexistant except for X-FIRE PDI official distributor
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