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Hey guys, Ive got my M249 for sale today. Its an awesome gun and draws a lot of attention, but with sniping and CQB, I just dont play with it much anymore. Hopefully someone can use it more than I am right now.

The internals are as follows:
SHS high torque motor
Madbull (?) piston
SHS 130 spring
16:1 SHS gearset
Ball bearing piston head (unsure of brand)

Ive had it for a couple of years but only really played with it 2-3 times. Last time I used it it shot great, but it may need some tweaking. Cosmetically its in pretty good condition. The stock rubber pad is missing. The box magazine still works, but the previous owner broke the plate off, so it has to be taped shut (he also put the camo tape on there). The previous owner also put a thumb switch for the box mag on the hand grip. Doesnt look all that great, but does work well. I received the gun without a flash hider, so i turned one on my lathe just to have something over the barrel threads.

I am wanting $225 SHIPPED for it. Shipping will most likely be a good amount, so the gun will be taken apart.

I will entertain trades or trades + cash. Anything interesting, just offer!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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