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I've had a G&P Sentry for a while now, and was thinking about converting it to an DMR, and then buying a Dboys PDW as a secondary, but when looking over the parts I needed/wanted it seemed way too expensive. So I was thinking about spending 15eur more to get a PJ25, which is a preupgraded A&K SR25.

pics related

Here are the specs:
M140 spring
Chrome bore-up cylinder
Reinforced metal cylinder head
Reinforced silent type piston head with Ball Bering
Hi-torque motor
steel bushings 6mm
Spring guide is standard-metal reinforced with Ball Bering
Low resistance gearbox wiring

They say it puts out 480-500 fps.

At home I have the following relevant parts:
-prommy neo strike chamber
-509mm madbull v2 black python
-shs neodymium high torque motor

1.Based on all I wrote above, would the SR make a great DMR?
2.Are there any faults with the v2long that the v2 doesn't have?
3.What are your experiences with the SR25 accuracy/range wise?
4.Is it loud(er)?
5.Is there more room between the body and gearbox than the regular M4? (for sound dampening purposes)
6.Recommend me a good bucking for this gun/speed.
7.What else would it need? Nozzle? Trigger mosfet (raptor etc)? Heavy alu piston?
8.What springs go in a v2long?

9.Off-topic: The PSG style pistol grip, is it comfy? Does it have a metal baseplate that adjusts normally, or do you adjust the motor height by moving the lower palm rest thingy?

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First i love sr-25s i think they make great dmr's

its called a version 2.5 gearbox and they are not really any serious problems with them they are pretty great

i dont have this dmr exactly but my came stock with great range and accuracy now we are talking a&k but i think with the prommy and a new bucking you will be very happy

its about as loud as most airsoft aeg's

well if your going to make you gun semi only i would suggest a PDI W hold bucking i have one in mine and its awesome but if your going to keep yours full auto a kwa 2gx bucking would be great

i'm not super familiar with the a&k sr-25 but mosfets are ussauly a good idea and the whatever else craps out on you but you may need to look up some more upgrade suggestions

any version 2 gearbox spring and if your going for a semi only 450 fps dmr i would suggest a guarder sp120 spring but if your going for a differnt fps i would still go with a guarder

i do like the psg-1 one pistol grip but its not really a upgrade more of a cool external thing

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I'd say spend the extra bit and get it, it should be awesome.
As for the PSG style pistol grip, I have one on my m4 and all I can say is don't get one, they are weak, bad threads and they actually hurt to hold after a while without gloves, get another grip.

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Very cool,who builds these?I've never heard of them before.From the cutaway pic of the GB,it looks as though its running the stock A&K SR-25 air nozzle,a single oringed CH,and PH im not familiar with at all.
It also looks as if its only means of AOE correction was piston tooth removal.This is good,and its happened to me before aswell.You will be able to get the max cylinder volume out of it.They also seem to have lightened the piston a bit by drilling holes in it.This might have been done to lighten the blow on the front of the GB case as it doesnt look like it was radiused.
Over all,pretty good start on a nice gun.IMO it has the potential to shoot hotter.If the air the stock A&K air nozzle were replaced you could pikup an additional 10-30fps by switching it to an oringed model,or even a VS Studio double oringed one.The CH is IMO alright,but I like how double oringed ones seat in the cylinder,and the added piece of mind the extra oring gives me.Thats all a matter of personnal taste though.

Being as how this gun doesnt look as if the GB has been radiused,and the AOE looks descent from the pic,I would definately make radiusing it one of my first things on my to do list.In leau of this,you might want to install an Ajax shock transfer system:

Save what parts you have now until the gun arrives.You wont know what needs replacing until you have it and can start testing.I can tell you,the A&K hopup leaves something to be desired,and I replaced mine with a KA.

I would definately look into one of these if it doesnt have sorbo.The A&K GB case isnt the greatest if its anything like mine.

1.This gun has the potential to be a good DMR with a little bit of work,and some DIY mods

2.The only real short comming the SR-25 GB has its parts selection really.Not that many parts are made for it.You can use L85 gears,and some air nozzles made for AUG's and the G36 and thats pretty much it.

3.I have an A&K SR-25,and the CA AR-10.Between the two,the CA is by far the superior rifle.
The A&K I have was a stock rifle and aside from fps it was basically mediocre at best as far as the other performance parameters go.Stock mine shot around 430fps if I remember correctly,but range and accuracy were no better than an M4 of the same power output.The AR-10 destroys it in performance to put it bluntly,and in all other categories.

4.The stock ones are no louder than any other poorly shimmed aeg.The one you want has a leg up in that it comes with a silent PH which does muffle the raport of the PH striking the CH.If you get this gun,checking the shimming and correcting any defciencies there will quiet it some more.

5.The only difference between the GB in this and a regular V2 is this one has a longer nose.So no there is no more room inside the receiver of this gun than an M4 to answer your question

6.My favorite bucking hands down are Systemas.Systema makes a very good all around good bucking.

7.Its hard to answer the question,"what else would it need" with out having it here for me to test.You really wont know unless you get it so you can see for yourself.Myself,I would definately replace the CH for one with a double oring,im not a big fan of single oring ones.If you compression test the cylinder and the airnozzle doesnt leak,keep it also,if it does,ive already made my recommendations.The gears,IMO I wouldnt put any hotter spring in it than it already has,im a little iffy on A&K gears.If they do break,get some CA flat cut Super Torques for it,there good up to an M170 spring,and very easy to shim.As far as mosfets go,it really depends on how far your going to go with this gun.If you want a micro switch fet im a big fan of these:

these are very cool,and require less messing with than AWS's Stealth trigger fet's.It took me forever to get my trigger spring right ussing one of those.

8.You can use basically the same aeg springs in one of these that can be used in any other aeg.

9.I dont have an M4 style pistol grip,but I do have the G3 sniper grip by KA's and I really like mine.Its large and fits my hand very well.The hand rest on the bottom is a nice feature.

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They are for below 1j. However some believe with the added cylinder volume it still makes them effective above 1j. At least that has been what I've been reading. Still have yet to find tests or anything which proves this theory right or wrong.

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@austinpowers: I actually had my eye on the PDI W hold, and i will definitely be going semi only. Not sure about the fps though, my country's DM class might be getting a fps boost from 140 to 160m/s.

Thanks for confirming my suspicions, might go with a G27 or SPR style grip, which i already own.

@uller: I think PJ is a polish company, they usually rebrand china aegs. Thanks for the input. You said some air nozzles for aug and g36, can you be more specific?

@CheeseMan: I don't know, I'm pretty skeptical about TK barrels and getting the right fps to barrel length ratio seems like a lot of hassle. I did hear good feedback about the falcon crowned barrels though.

Thanks for all your words of wisdom guys, i will definitely be getting a new nozzle, an ASCU v2 trigger fet so i can use an 11v lipo for a crisp trigger response, and replacing the hop chamber with a prommy, the barrel with the madbull.

The reason i asked about the loudness, was due to the large empty space in the back of the gearbox which would echo all the gear noise. Too bad about no sound dampening space.. i guess i will have to go with my original idea of making a gun rag/cover out of dynamat, foam and cotton :)

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I have it on very good authority the KM metal G36 air nozzle will fit your SR.Im still trying to find where I read about the AUG nozzle.As im currently building an AR-10 feel free to bounce some questions off me.
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