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I some what caught in the same decision gate. M14 or SR25... can't make up my mind.

Oh well. When in doubt wait it out. Might come down to rolling dice for odds or evens.
I recently was in the exact same position as you! I really think the m14 looks good but so does the sr25, i feel the sr25 is a bit more "special" but i have no idea why since the m14's design is so unique. However i read about the two and found that m14 supposedly is a bit more complicated when it comes to teching, but that it's very nice in stock form. The sr25 however seemed very easy to tech and maintain. I am new to teching and wanted more money to upgrade the gun so i went with a PJ25 (a&k sr25) which supposedly is a preupgraded sr25, and it's about 60 euro cheaper than the m14.

And well, i put in some upgrades (never done this before), i opened the gearbox and well, AoE correction wasn't needed, they had done that for me. There wasn't too much grease in it and it was even shimmed differently than the stock ones from a&k. (a&k put on shim on each side of the gear). I ended up forgetting how they had done so i just reshimmed it. It was so easy and not at all complicated, as long as you use your logic alongside the internet! (Especially forums)

So far my experience with the a&k sr25 is wonderful, it shoots good and consistency in stock form, atleast the one i got, was amazing! Out of the box i shot 10 shots, 7 on 458fps, 2 on 457 and 1 on 460.

I have not tested it yet after the upgrades but i am pretty sure should be just as consistent now (I threw in a new bucking, tbb, hop unit, r-hop + m-nub, along with some teflon seals).

Externally the gun have a good feeling to it, the finish is nice and the weight is very well balanced considering the stock is hollow = Alot of room for battery's and other stuff. If you run 9,6 nimh 1600 mah you can have 2 of those in there without a problem.

I won't reccommend it as i have no experience and as of so i'm not sure how valid what i say is and if it is just me being overexcited about my new hobby ;)
I believe you will be happy with either one i just wanted to add my experience with it ^^
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