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Hello, i have an "out of the box" condition A&K SVD AEG and after a few games with it ive come to realize that yes, the blue factory hop up is absolute garbage.

i have a few questions regarding the hopup, as i am also a new player to airsoft and everything that has to do with the guts of the gun may as well be written in latin for what i understand of it, but the gibberish is slowly unscrambling for me.

Does Bolt action hop ups differ from AEG hop ups?

does different make of the same model differ in hop ups?

basically what im asking is, what kind of hop up, and relating parts could i get that are compatible with my AEG?

Everything i search for results in A&K SVD Bolt Action or CYMA AEG SVD, and with my lack of airsoft knowledge i am unsure of what parts fit my AEG.

thank you in advance for any and all help provided :)
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