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A&K SVD again Yipee.

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So I want to know anyone experience on this gun. So here are my basic question.
Out of the box can it outrange a clone gun. (Hopefully)
Is it somewhat cheap to upgrade?
Yes I have read the old svd post. I have google skills and have scour alot of forums.
Can it reach 300 feet.
Should I get this as a budget sniper over the extensive G&P m16 project that will like cost me 500+dollars.
Are these good for the SVD
All airsoft pro parts 100 dollars. (Hop up, Piston, Piston catch)
Guarder Black bucking
Matrix m150 spring that somehow shoots 550-600 fps.
Prommy 650 barrel. Or maybe Edgi 6.05 with porting if I get enough money.
Scope of course.
.4 or .36 bbs.
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300feet with 0.40BBs hard to see. :-/

To upload FPS want PSG1 spring or screw spring piece in some other spring by AEG.

Would make testing, depending on which is placed the extra spring, and will be changing the fps, you try and how many coils you need.
I have it in ATOZ close behind with about 5 coils of spring 130, 150 and wearing entire.
That is a 150 and 5 coils of 130. To have a few fps less than 550 (546fps)

Personally if you find ATOZ get this better and not the A & K

(I am afraid that this time I execution the grammar :-[)
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So the A&K can`t reach 300?
But it all depends on how restricted is the loss of air.

The atoz I have reach with 500 fps, 400feet.
The A&K hardly reaches 300feet, whatever I have done.
And pretty lousy grouping compared with ATOZ.
300ft is do-able (according to the kids on Google).
I'm running a Systema 300% PSG1 spring, Madbull 6.03 and various AirsoftPro internals (not the new hop unit).
I think I'm using .30 BBs, but it's been so long since I used the SVD, I'm not sure... Maybe .36s.
With a Prommy hard bucking and a few double feeds now and then, I'm reaching 70-80 yards (torso sized grouping).
If I had a 400% spring it would give the extra "oomph" to hit the magic 300ft.
The only problem with many FPS is like trying to start a dirtbike with kick starter with a finger

Above the 500fps is difficult in fast shots.
dulas said:
The only problem with many FPS is like trying to start a dirtbike with kick starter with a finger

Above the 500fps is difficult in fast shots.
Do you mean it's hard to cock the bolt and the trigger pull is too heavy?
I did notice my trigger pull is quite a bit heavier with the new sear fitted.
Hey dulas how is the consistency? What's the fps variation between shots?

Sure you can shoot it out to 300 feet with ease..... just figure out how high of an angle you need to hold the gun and shoot for the moon ;)

Sorry couldn't resist

I would start with trying to get as much accuracy out of the rifle as you can. Then go from there. Just make sure that you are able to hit what you are aiming at before you try to get it there at a zillion fps.
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I mean it is difficult to pull someone back when the bolt of the gun it's a lot of FPS, and even more difficult if you have to throw a lot of shots in no time.

It is completely different than a VSR or a L-96 bolt
Is very little surface pressure on the finger and without a glove is tough.

George A&k was ~15 fps, and A2Z ~ 2fps
So I give you 500 dollars. You can pick either one of these guns to upgrade pick which one and what upgrades you would do.
UTG L96 (well l96)
Echo 1 M28
G&P M16vn (AEG)
JG Bar 10
Well G96( Looks really pretty and I heard easy to get to 300 feet. I like it looks smexy.May not be hpa rigged because with some mods supposedly very accurate. And the fact I have no hpa rigging skills.)
Walmart pistol.
Walmart clear m4 with Polarstar internals =)
Yay lol But in all seriousness which one.
Which gun out of my list omg.
L96. I can get those up to about 530-550 fps with only teflon tape and a new oring. Then, for ~130 bucks, I buy the PDI hop chamber and a prommy 6.03 barrel. Then, for about 5 bucks, I buy a Guarder clear bucking, or many people like the w-hold bucking too. I then use the rest on foam (cushion stock, wrap barrel, etc.), scope, and a bipod.
Hey Cheese man what do you think.
Metal Utg Trigger box.
Angel Custom Piston(Looks like a Laylax.)
Piston Head
Ac SP190
AC Spring Guide
AC Sears.
Prommy 500 mm barrel guessing the stock L96 barrel is 499 mm.
Guarder Black or PDI w hild bucking
25% off. Black Friday.

XFIRE stuff
PDI Hopup for L96 if I remeber right 60 dollars

Teflon tape
Foaming or memory foam.

Tell me what you think.
Hmm yay dekarmaed more.
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I would buy this list. Yours is fine, just not what I would pick.

Polar Star piston
And a new spring guide/spring of your choice.
Laylax zero Trigger
PDI hopup chamber
Prommy 6.03 Steel barrel (500 mm)
Hop rubber of your choice, guarder clear or PDI w-hold bucking.

That's it! Then, just tape it up, floss, etc. However, for cheapness, just buy the piston, the hop chamber and barrel, then the z-trig, then the guide and spring.
Wow sniping is expensive it is killing my piggy bank. Maybe I should just go with the G&P m16.
Hey Cheese what do you think about this
G&P m16vn
Shs high torque gears
JG red motor
Guarder black or pdi bucking
m150 spring
"special" silly putty (Really JB weld)
Use of Dmr guide.
New Cylinder set with head and everything.
I have no idea. I really don't work with GBs that much, my specialty is BASRs and AEG hopup/barrel combos.
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