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Hi guys!

I've bought an A&K SVD spring rifle. Then i decided that i want to put in the CO2 upgrade kit from When i've installed the upgrade i've noticed that tha gass/rifle does not make the right sound, and that the 12G CO2 cartrige goes empty at abbaut 40shots. All the parts fit and are tightened as they should be also all the rubber sears are in, nothing is missing. I've wrote to Airsoftpro, but they don't have a clue what is the problem.

In the 1 st link there is the sound that should be produced when fired, watch at 8:00 minutes

The 2 nd link has the sound just like i have. (i know the upgrade parts aren't the same but it doesn't matter, the sound is important), watch at 6:10 minutes

I havent tryed yet what happenes if i remove the little spring at the back (maybe the spring is to stiff or to soft?)
And im waiting for a new hop up chamber (i still have the old one) maybe that will influence the sound? Please help me.
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