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Pale Blue said:
Timm said:
I have the Kit from WGC. Its constructed nicely.

May sell if anyone wants it.
Do you think it's possible to drill and tap the empty co2 canister to run external air?
I highly doubt it. It's not like a normal gas rifle that is easily tapped for CO2. It doesn't have a chamber of gas, the CO2 canister goes inside the bolt and it runs off of unregulated CO2. When the spring strikes, it lets out a tiny bit of unregulated CO2. The 12gram cartridge acts as the gas chamber.

This is hard to explain, but it most likely just wouldn't work. I read a thread somewhere a while ago about tapping a CO2 pistol that works off of the 12 gram cartridges just like this.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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