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A&K SVD (pics added)

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I broke down my A&K SVD last night and found the hop up adjustment grub screw is stuck. The 1.5mm hex head on it has stripped (so the allen bolt just spins) and I can't get the little blighter out.
I reckon the only solution is to drill it out and tap the hole for a larger grub screw.

Here is my question-
The hole is 3mm (I think), do I use a 3mm drill bit and a 4mm tap or do I need to use a 4mm bit and a 4mm tap?
I will be using a hand drill and whatever set of tap and dies I can find on the net for cheap.
Are both my suggestions totally wrong? If this is the case, lets hear from the experts please.
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Where did you get the wood kit from? It looks beautiful. I've been looking for a set for my A&K, but most are out of stock. I've also given mine a worn look and it turned out great, just need to get some wood on it.
Thanks blackfoot1! I was looking at the one on Airsoft Panda, but it just went out of stock a few weeks ago. I may have to checkout the kit on RSOV. I love the wood on SVD's.
I wondered about that, but imagine that the consistency wouldn't be very great. Also, disassembling the bolt is required to change the CO2. It's a neat idea though. What I want is a way for GBB internals!
blackfoot1 said:
The CO2 kits are totally unregulated and from what I've heard, are seriuosly inconsistent. When I first saw/heard of them I was quite excited (not sure why, it's not like it makes it semi-auto or anything), but I haven't read a good review yet.
I'm happy with the way the A&K SVD shoots as a springer. I absolutely hate the sound of AEG's firing semi-auto (asthmatic whirring and weasing) which is why I wouldn't buy a Real Sword SVD.
WE Tech will eventually (hopefully) release a GBB SVD and then the world will be changed for the better, forever!
I agree, although I wouldn't mind having a Real Sword. My springer is shooting pretty good at the moment though.

So that's what that was; a GBB SVD? I found these pics on evike's facebook:

I wonder how it will be. If it's as good as and compatible with VSR barrels/buckings like they're GBB M14, then it should be really nice.
1 - 4 of 29 Posts
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