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A&K SVD (pics added)

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I broke down my A&K SVD last night and found the hop up adjustment grub screw is stuck. The 1.5mm hex head on it has stripped (so the allen bolt just spins) and I can't get the little blighter out.
I reckon the only solution is to drill it out and tap the hole for a larger grub screw.

Here is my question-
The hole is 3mm (I think), do I use a 3mm drill bit and a 4mm tap or do I need to use a 4mm bit and a 4mm tap?
I will be using a hand drill and whatever set of tap and dies I can find on the net for cheap.
Are both my suggestions totally wrong? If this is the case, lets hear from the experts please.
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Late poster here, try a torx or star bit next time. They seem to have more grab but you may have to use an over sized bit and a good amount of downward pressure. Mcmastercarr has rubber tipped set screws if you want a cushion on your hop adjustment.

Nice to hear your tapping went well. Good luck with your rifle.
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