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A&K SVD (pics added)

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I broke down my A&K SVD last night and found the hop up adjustment grub screw is stuck. The 1.5mm hex head on it has stripped (so the allen bolt just spins) and I can't get the little blighter out.
I reckon the only solution is to drill it out and tap the hole for a larger grub screw.

Here is my question-
The hole is 3mm (I think), do I use a 3mm drill bit and a 4mm tap or do I need to use a 4mm bit and a 4mm tap?
I will be using a hand drill and whatever set of tap and dies I can find on the net for cheap.
Are both my suggestions totally wrong? If this is the case, lets hear from the experts please.
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So that's what that was; a GBB SVD? I found these pics on evike's facebook:

I wonder how it will be. If it's as good as and compatible with VSR barrels/buckings like they're GBB M14, then it should be really nice.[/quote]

I didn't even know there was a new SVD on the horizon, I was just wishing out loud...
If that (in the facebook link) is a GBB SVD I am going to sh#t myself with pure joy.
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I saw a Redwolf Airsoft video at the Ares building and they showed that they are making one but its going to be a spring version not a GBB system.

Link to the video:

That video is a whole world of win. I had no idea Ares made so many guns... That SL8/9 rail system thing looks a bit special and the SVDS has defo' gone on my "to buy" list.
***Update on my SVD***
I ordered a Prometheus hard bucking (for no apparent reason), so I'll try it in the SVD and my KJW M700 and try the Firefly out of the M700 in the SVD... See if anything good comes of it.
hey blackfoot1 what version svd do you have 1st or 2nd? The high cap mag and pics kinda seems like its the 1st gen. If its a first gen you should uprgrade the sears then you can jump up to atleast an m150 spring which makes an amazing difference in range.
How do I tell which version I have?
The easiest way is to look at the back of the reciever cover. If the flat spots on either side of the hump is flat its the old version. If they have screws that hold the latch on its the new version. Heres a link that show pretty much all the differences.
Finally got round to doing something about my damaged side rail.
The clamp on the scope had bitten clean through it. The only way I could get it to stay on was to slide the scope on half way and clamp it before the break. It worked fine, but it ruined the eye relief of the scope and I was a bit worried it would snap off the rest of the rail too.
No big deal. Ive just bing looking for someone else with a version 2 to get there opinion. Nice job on the rail fix though.
I really liked the metal work before you repainted it. It had that real steel look to it. Even so, nice rifle man :)
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