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A&K spring SVD vs King Arms spring SVD

compairing both rifles side by side to show the little differences between them.

In all photos:
King Arms will be on top or right
A&K will be on bottom or left.

The numbers:
King Arms
Lenght:1225 mm

Length:1228 mm

Both at first look very much the same save the cheek pad.

Flashhider on the A&K is a bit meatier and the orange tip wraps around the end. Making it a cap instead of just a cylinder.

The bayonet mount is slightly different on both and on the A&K version there is a set screw you can remove to take OFF the whole flash hider.

At the gas tube.
On the king arms there is 2 little hex screws holding in the assembly and only the clip to hold the hand guard.
on the A&K you have 1 larger hex screw on both the assembly and clip for the hand guard. Also note both screws are sucken slightly into the outter barrel as well for a better fit. (ignore the chipped paint that was my doing in error)

ON to the mag well
first glance they look almost the same. BUT.
there is a small notch for the hop-up units
on KA it's in the mag well (on the right) on A&K is inside the unit.
also the "tooth" for the bb release is longer on the KA.

Butt of the grups are simple, A&K is a friction fit plug, little cheaper but meh

Butt is a butt is a butt, no difference here really.

OK, a lot going on all at once. I will get into the nitty gritty stuff here in the 2ed post.
dust cover latch on the A&K is a bit smoother, a rolling bar.

A&K stock hop-up need a hex key to adjust. Aluminum construction.

KA stock hop-up unit. made of plastic but can be changed on the fly.

sling peg at the bag are different.
A&K seems cheaper simple metal post.
KA is a bit thicker and spins

Mags side by side, ignore the hatch its a 200 rd vs a 50 rd
from afar the mags look almost the same.

this is where the differences are.
A&K is slightly smaller then KA mags when it comes to the cut outs and notchs.

A&K will work in KA but not the other way around.

Cheers and enjoy part 1

part 2 to come when i have more rum.

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Work in progress

Noticed Differences: (each will be explained in order below)

Scope Rail
Removing the cylinder and bolt slide
Removing the hand guard
Trigger box construction
Inner STOCK barrel
Charging handle size
A&K and KA hop up

Scope Rail:
Went to try to put my pso-1 on the A&K today. It did not want to slide on completely from the back.
It will slide on from the front but the peg is not in the correct position.

Width of A&K rail at rear:13mm
Width of KA rail at rear:14mm
(that doesnt make sense, need to wait till i have both weapons at home again)

Removing the cylinder and bolt slide:
To remove the cylinder and bolt from KA you only need to remove the spring guide and piston.
To remove the cylinder and bolt from A&K you only need to remove the spring guide, piston, turn the locking lever for the dust cover 180 degress to the stock of the rifle and remove the trigger assembly.

Removing the hand guard:
Removing the hand guard from KA you only need to remove the locking lever below the gas tube.
Removing the hand guard from A&K you need to remove the hex screw under the barrel and remove the locking lever below the gas tube.

Trigger box construction
KA version can be taken apart with just my fingers (almost all of it).
A&K version is very tightly fitted, at points needing a hammer and a punch to take pins out.

Inner STOCK barrel
King Arms stock barrel is 30mm shorter then A&K

Charging handle size
Charging handle on King Arms is slightly smaller then A&K version, (make the XL Handle mod loose if used)

A&K and KA hop up
the A&K needs the notched barrel mount, the ID of the A&K barrel mount is to small for the OD of the KA outer barrel.
to make the A&K hop-up unit work, you must use the A&K outer barrel as well.

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eragon, please read the rules and make an intro post. Thanks.
what milli said, and no.
the KA and A&K hop-ups are not cross compatible. you can see it in the mag well.

on the a&k the notch is inside the reviver.

You could file down the notch on the A&K version but there will be nothing to hold it centered.

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the A&K SVD have clone from Atoz ( hope I remembered right ) design, not from King Arms, so it don't compatible.
Thats what I already said.
Also im holding both weapons.
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