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Little bit of extra info here:

The KA dragunov has a standard 6.01 550mm inner barrel, and you actually CAN remove the front iron sight, there is a small Allen Key inside the bayonet mount. Also, I have done extensive research on this topic, and there is NO replacement full metal hop-up chamber. The only way I managed to get a metal hop chamber was by extensively modifiying an
m-14 hopup chamber. I might post a thread on that later.

The A&K dragunov actually comes with a slightly longer inner barrel, an odd length 589 6.02 mm. Also, spare parts are MUCH, MUCH more common for the A&K SVD. There are several metal hop chambers that I have found that are designed for it. That is all I know from doing some work on one, and a little bit of research. Hope this helped.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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