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A&K svd

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hi all

Ok so I have a A&K SVD 450fps OTB and was wondering

1. CO2 convertion
1a. anyone have one
1b.are they any good/how many shots out of one bulb
2. being lazy here cant be arsed to strip rifle what length is the inner barrel
and are there any after market up grades

thanx all :tup:

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I don't think an HPA/CO2 rig would work with the conversion due to the space and how it works. I've thought about it before and I just didn't see where you could tap it and run external due to the 12 gram cartridge.

I would not recommend this rifle with the CO2 conversions due to a lot of FPS fluctuations affecting accuracy, however, I would recommend this rifle if you kept it spring and just did minor upgrades. I've actually made on into a decent shooter before for a cheap price.

The concept for the CO2 conversion was cool, but not very practical for going out and using it in the field. Unregulated CO2 (about 800 PSI) in that tiny little bulb will have a ton of fluctuations; look-up a video review on it and you will see.
I just don't know how you could make unregulated gas consistent (enough) to snipe with. I can see assault rifles not needing too much consistency, but with a sniper rifle, the inconsistencies will really show at the longer ranges. I'd love it if it was able to be drilled and tapped for external.

I say, either keep this rifle spring, or if you really want a gas SVD, wait until the WE-Tech comes out and run it external, or even wait until P* releases their Version 3 Fusion Engine and put that into an AEG SVD body.
it a protect gun anyway so I was just wondering if any one had one, and if its any good, might get it a do a test and post results on here for future reference for people
I don't quite understand what you mean, sorry :p
HAHA found it. This is what you should wait for my be a good investment. Interchangeable with different gases. Seems like a great idea.
That looks cool, I'd like to see more about it.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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