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A&K svd

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hi all

Ok so I have a A&K SVD 450fps OTB and was wondering

1. CO2 convertion
1a. anyone have one
1b.are they any good/how many shots out of one bulb
2. being lazy here cant be arsed to strip rifle what length is the inner barrel
and are there any after market up grades

thanx all :tup:

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Agreed intro. Once you have a intro I`ll tell you the info I use to own one soo yup.
Ok I know a different company is making a new consistent one that works differently then the ones right now I`ll do some digging and try to look for it. I pretty sure the barrel is 590.
HAHA found it. This is what you should wait for my be a good investment. Interchangeable with different gases. Seems like a great idea.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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