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A&K VS Classic Army SR25 Receiver quality/alignment/fit

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I'm planning on ordering an A&K SR-25 as a base for a DMR build very soon, but I have some worries about the quality of the receiver. I've seen some people claim that the A&K SR25 receivers have some troubles with fitment and alignment and just overall quality of the receivers, and I'm worried this could cause some inconsistency issues on the final build. I've read that the Classic Army receivers are of higher quality, and don't have as many alignment and fit issues, which if true, I believe would lead to better consistency. I also believe each brand has their own outer barrel mounting method(I believe the A&K uses the 1 prong slot, whereas the A&K uses the 3 prong holes), but I'm not sure which is better. I've also read that the Classic army upper has some trouble with traditional M4 hopup units, so that could effect other things potentially with fitment (I'll be using a MAXX hopup unit, which I believe fits).
I don't have any experience with either gun, so I don't know if these claims are really true or not, or if both guns are any different in terms of receiver quality/fitment/alignment.

If anyone has any experience with this/knows anything about this topic, I'd appreciate any advice and information on it.
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I can't speak for the stock A&K set-up, but I've got a retro arms V2.5 shell in an A&K receiver and it has perfect alignment. The Retro Arms shell is why I ended up picking A&K over Classic Army, which was a tough choice since I really do like Classic Army stuff.

The A&K has a much wider compatibility, while the Classic Army is much better out of the box.

The A&K takes AEG rails, the Classic Army takes real ones. The Classic Army also takes milspec style buffertubes, while the A&K takes Marui style buffer tubes.
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