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A market for complete load-outs?

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What's everyone thoughts on a company bundling up a whole load-out and selling it as a "kit"?

This would include everything from goggles, rig, gun, to spare battery, bb's and magazines. Essentially, everything you'd need to fill all the pouches on your gear...

Just curious.
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I think this would lead to everyone having the exact same gear. I like uniformity when it comes to say a single team, but if the whole airsoft community had all the same-ish kit then I'd probably get bored of it all.
Agreed. Plus the cost would be a bit much. People like going to surplus stores and picking up "this and that". Its easier to make a sale with fewer products.
I like laughing at the kids that show up in $25 BDU's and van's shoes and I like to admire the geardo's that have $3,000+ gear that I'll most likely get for free when I join the service.

Either way, uniformity of any sort makes it sorta boring.
I got $25 BDU's :) (I'm a pretty cheap bastard) I think its a good idea, but you should be able to have options on the kit. Like 5 choices on guns and what the upgrades you get with it etc etc etc.
That's a good point about everyone looking the same.

I personally wouldn't buy the kit either, because I like to be a hodgepodge of parts (funny...hodgepodge doesn't show up in firefox as being misspelled...haha).

I like it when people smirk at my gear in airsoft. A large part of the community has a mentality that the gear makes the warrior.

Having the most super tricked out expensive crap in the world won't make a bit of difference when you face someone who is technically and tactically proficient.

But if you strap a skilled player up in the best gear...then watch out!

I was just thinking of putting together lists of gear that someone should have for different roles and weapons and whatnot. Maybe not necessarily selling the whole kit at onces, but if there was a guide to go off of, would anybody loosely consider it when they made purchases?
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lol heck i did what mosin is thinking..... join the army..:D then you will get around $20,000 worth of gear that you can use.... Word of caution though .... don't loose it

Heck basically everything i use, besides the main airsoft stuff, is my normal army issue stuff
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Yeah.. Well I was going to do that after I get out of the SEALS. However it's against the law here to use things that are military issued for non-military use.

Oh well, I'll be a geardo when it comes to real steel. How about that?
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What I think will be better than that is to buy a whole kit custom. Like, I want a VSR-10 upgraded to 500 fps (no way would I let someone else upgrade my rifle), have it painted to your specifications, if you want a ghillie wrap and what style of camo, what style ghillie suit (full body, crawl ghillie {padding in the front instead of jute or burlap} or just hood), what style of camo you want for the ghillie, what type of scope you want, what type of bipod.
But that would be for the lazy asses and if they can't spend time doing things themselves, then they shouldn't be airsoft snipers at all.
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