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A new, crazy invention (by me)

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Sorry if this should be in the lounge, feel free to move it there.

But anyways, I was thinking. Do you think it's possible to make a airsoft gun that shoots pellets,,r:0,s:0 like those, but in plastic.
You could use a rifled barrel, like the tanikoba twist (not sure of the name, but something like that). The only problems I see is that could the spinning of the bb (pellet, really) wouldn't outrange the hop up on a normal airsoft gun, making this idea useless. However, the gyroscopic stability of the pellet seems like it would give you better wind resistance and accuracy, and combined with a pretty heavy pellet would make this gun very accurate.

Of course, this may be the stupidest idea ever seen, so feel free to tell me.
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this idea comes up continuously in various forums, the main problem would be safety/playability, the benefits of the spherical shape of a bb are that it produces a good amount of drag, and when it hits something it distributes the force over a large area (no puncture wounds in airsoft) moving to a heavier rifled round would make the impact area much smaller contributing to an increased injury rate, as well as raise inertia to inane rates (in order to see a significant increase in range and accuracy one would need to use a much heavier round at roughly the same velocities, hence raising kinetic energy)
I think that a rifled system would be more accurate, but in order to get that accuracy you would need a much heavier projectile which would then cut range.
It is the M40, those were made in the day of proprietary ammunition, there was no real "standard" for ammo, so each company made ammo based on what they figured would be the best. Just looking at the blade bullets I wouldn't want to have one of them shot at me, they just don't look like they'd spread the impact out enough.

Follow the seal's lead, only imagine that the ocean is Airsoft Retreat, they have a few threads on there regarding this.
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