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A returning sniper needs some help on find a gun

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Well, after about 5 Months of rolling with the main squad, I would like to return sniping, but I have run into a problem, I don't have a sniper rifle....And I need some help find one. I have some requirement that it must meet.

1. Must be US Based (Rem. 700 style, not L96)
2. Gas is prefered, spring is ok.
3. Has to be reasonably priced, ($100 range, can go up to $150)
4. I would love to be able to do some Visual Modifications (Maybe change the stock[noun not the adjective] configuations, in other words make it look good.)

I am looking for suggestions on a new gun.
I would truly appreciate your help.

p.s.- I had a BAR-10 Before, it was ok, but I would like something different
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Yeah I looked around some more, and realised i can't buy anything good for that price. and saving is very hard ATM, my CA M15a4 is in the shop :( and is really costing me.

What about a D-Boys SPR (Pro is price)? or a CA SR25(Pro is AR-10 Style)?
Thanks Mosin, I PM'ed someone about it already, I had posted it in the wrong section on accedent., and I'm guessing the person who I pm'ed didn't get on....
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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