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Nice write up! I appreciate the detail.

It is the whole reason why krytac is popular for aegs lmao. While a specna arms or cyma with some simple upgrades is just as good or better.
Krytac definitely isn't the worst choice, but IMO their internals are outdated for the price at this point in time. Everything they use is very solid, and I think their barrels groups are still very good, but at this point something like Arcturus's ME line has plain better internals for $200ish instead of $400-500. Krytac's proprietary gears, while being high quality, are still a pain to deal with and to shim correctly. In order to actually remove the infamous "Krytac squeak" I had to do minor mods to the gearbox shell and the selector switch. The $100 Cyma M4 my buddy got sounds better out of the box.

Back to the actual point of this thread, my opinion of Novi has actually changed drastically over the last year. He no longer recommends snipers or pistols to new players on his website, which is a big deal, and his SSR4 really isn't bad for the price.

I see a lot of hate by people that really can't provide good reasons. They also tend to be the people who buy new batteries every month since theirs are trash, the people who buy OEM identical parts for ridonkulous prices and claim they're huge upgrades, and the people selling their "amazing custom" for market price of parts on eBay with tags that say "amazing rifle, just needs work, parts missing, broken gearbox shell".

Basically, people who don't know what they're doing with do one of two things: learn what the heck they should be doing, or embrace whatever they currently believe with all of their body, mind, and soul.

I do like that Nov shows what he's doing and how he tests different stuff, as well as cheap mods that can be done to his stuff to improve it instead of always selling crap. Not to say he doesn't sell some silly stuff, or some overpriced stuff, or does some brand name jimping on YouTube, but his stuff is for sure less trash than, say, 80% of the other stuff out of the box.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts