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I used to bash Nov but upon reading reviews of his SSP5, gave his SSP2 a chance.....I was not disappointed. It could be considered expensive but considering it's a full CNC Hi-Capa with an innovative slide, TDC, and decent barrel + hop bucking I don't feel as if the price is too high. Extremely accurate, has excellent rage, consistent FPS, and is built like an absolute tank. I even went so far as to also purchase an SSR4 which does need some TLC (the main issue is that the stock bucking and nun are garbage - going to be replaced with Maple Leaf) but I haven't had a chance to form too much of an opinion beyond nothing that.

My only "complaint" is that they're both a little spicy out of the box! 360fps on the SSR4 and slightly under 1.1j on the SSP2.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts