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A-TACS Sniper siuit

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I just found this and though I might spread it around. Looks wonderful.

Now Available ATACS FG Camo Sniper Gear from Tactical Concealment Mfg - Soldier Systems

Really wish I could afford A-TACS! >:
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Your better off just buying ATAC fg jacket and pants and boonie then making your own ghillie. I would love to do that with my ATAC's but then all I got is woodland bdu's
Gazzie, do you mean making my own ghillie, or making my own camo BDUs? How would I go about doing the second? (if that's what you meant)

I would love to have A-tacs for when I'm not wearing a ghillie. I might go with something more brown if I invest in full BDU for in the fall/winter. The suit I'm making is going to be for the spring/summer. I have having such massive contrast between the seasons here in MI.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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