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A.Wagg's hop up set

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As been discussed in other threads, I've decided to make a hop up nub that uses shredder (SCS) ideas and H-nub ideas an make them in a new way, that hasn't really been seen before. So, keep reading for my preliminary thoughts and stuff!

So, here is the reasoning behind this nub. You get 2 "spin inducers" like an H nub, but wider for better stability. You then have the traction and stability of the SCS.

Those bumps sticking out act to give stability, as stated and shown by the triangle. They also give a lot of hop, like the G hop, but are more stable, from the differences I've seen from the G-hop at high(er) speeds. (Problems were over hob, and the nub getting sucked down the barrel at auto, because it sticks out so much.

The SCS part then provides traction, and more stability than two abrupt nodules, a la H nub. The SCS spacer is meant to be the natural form of a stock TM nub when compressed by the bb. The SCS is hard material, giving more consistency (because the BB bends soft rubber in different ways every time). However, a problem with it is the fact that it overhops at range... I think there are two reasons for this. This first would be that you have to have it really depressed (less hopping on the slide bar/dial) to give a nice amount of spin. This is minimized by the two nubs on the side of my hop. Also, the material is CNC'ed aluminum, I believe, giving the nub zero flex at all. Making mine out of a dense rubber might help this, giving it a little flex, but not enough to really make it inconsistent.

------------------------------ (another post)
Ok, so here the updated draft is.

So, enough theorizing/hypothesizing, I need to test it. I guess I'll start molding it... I have a few ideas.

I think I'm going to use this epoxy stuff called "green stuff" favored by sculptors for it's slight bendability, and fine detail. The detail part won't help much, but is nice, because I am sculpting the prelim's.

For testing, I think I am going to use my AEG (AK74) for the standard fit in between the arms, and the ease of testing. I can fire out a few hundred shots in a short time, compared to a BASR.

Questions, Comments, Flames? I'll try an start the sculpting right now... I'll see how far I can get, but it takes around 1 hour to dry, so hopefully I'll finish it today and test it later when I'm sure it is as dry as possible.

Also, if anyone has a better way to make nubs that doesn't require much tools besides dremel (or x-acto knife) and epoxy, I'm listening!
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I think it s FREAKING GREAT to see someone actually deign something. No matter of it works or not, trying is way better than not trying and you learn a lot along the way.

I think we need an R&D forum myself. No other site has it. Make this site the center for innovation. You got a promising hop us design,. I hear some other dude has some bitching new gun design.

As far as the idea I think it is solid. The question will be on the releasing is all. Want me to draw it up in CAD for you so you can visualize it?
Yeah, a Research and Development forum would be great. Only site that has it, I belive. ASM kinda doesn, but more for already established products, which aren't near the same. This would definately but ASF in front! Also, thanks for the CAD offer. I'm going to first see if I can get it to work with the epoxy, but if some prototypes start getting made, I'll take you up on that offer.

And yeah, that guys gun is pretty damn sweet. :) :)
I may CAD up a new bucking, you know how all buckings are different? Techinally, if we made a unversial, kick-ass bucking, that wasn't super expensive, and was just all around good...
My slant is a gun with no bucking.

Short of that, everything else uses bucking. A general purpose wide use bucking would be good I think and it sure seems like a lot of guns use the same damn one or two.
Really, the hardest part about making buckings is actually making it. Having the tools to mold silicon is tricky. But if you did it... that would be sweet! Throw some ideas out there, you don't need them to be fancy... words + MS paint is great. If anyone has a mac, I have a MS paint clone that works the same. Tell me if you want a link.
Maybe just a bucking thread if we are going that way? I can cad up both ideas for you.

Maybe move em all to an R&D forum.
The W-hold bucking is somewhat similar to this. It's a great bucking - xfire.
Yeah, R&D would be great. Seems like you're inspiring everyone, Beck. Wanna make a post in the Suggestion part of the forum?
Thats a good idea. No bucking, maybe build a good one INTO the hop-up unit?
inthetallgrass said:
The W-hold bucking is somewhat similar to this. It's a great bucking - xfire.
Yeah, definitely true. But where they get you is that you have to buy the $125 PDI hop up unit. If this ever comes out, you'll just need a cheap nub!
How is a W different than an H? What touches the BB is still 2 points? no?
So, you incorporate the nub, hop bucking (rubber) and arm into one...
top adjusted, directly by a screw, no tilt, or wobble.
Custom nub profile (like scs, or your triangle/T nub), and the chamber is solid one piece metal. Smooth, and easy.
Some gun uses this design, can't place it but the hop us is a square bit that lays over the barrel window and has the nub on it that inserts down, and the nub is actually concave and angled.

Gosh dang it it is on the tip of my tongue....

Ahh Tanaka.
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For you hop up nub aficionados, here is a dude reinventing something. I suspect it works about the same as other nubs.
BeckLR1 said:
For you hop up nub aficionados, here is a dude reinventing something. I suspect it works about the same as other nubs.
Same guy on ASM that's doing that. It's pretty radical, it seems like he's re-inventing the wheel than changing it. Our system works pretty darn good now, this seems radical. But hey, you never no! I really don't like the people that shoot down everyones ideas the second they're said (a lot of this elitist crap on ASM).

BeckLR1 said:
How is a W different than an H? What touches the BB is still 2 points? no?
The "W" is a little lower profile, and is incorporated into the bucking. But yes, same idea. I'm also a fan of the straight h nub.
For the record I think a simpler design in in order that used straight top down pressure. Eliminating variability is the key though. It would then be simple and consistent.
Common phenomenon is people try to put a new hop up in current designs.
I think what is needed is a whole new design for the cap,breach, nozzle and bucking intersection.
On the topic of hop up nubs:

(repost of Becks link on a different forum = different input)

That forum is AMAZING, espeically since they added a sniper forum (they actually referenced us :) ). Good stuff to find here. I made sure not to sign in just in case the links wouldnt work, so they should work for ya'll.
I think we're still a little theoretical at this point, maybe once we get something tangable. These are the guys that DESIGNED things like the SCS nub and the dual sector gear for AEGs...
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