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AA L85

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I own the R85 or more correctly, the SA80. Its currently broken but I'm sending it in to be fixed hopefully. I have a Madbul M120, Madbul 6.03 TBB, and a G&P SR25 Piston in it. I'm planning on following the DMR guide. I have a couple of questions:
1)How do I make it semi-only? What type of selector plate does it have?

2)Which helps more, high-torque motor, or torque up gears?

3)If I do need to replace these, what type does the L85 take. I know it takes SR-25 pistons but I'm not sure on gears/motors.
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1: Drill a hole in the body, and epoxy in a stud blocking FA.
2: Get both along with a nice battery.
3: The L85 takes a V7 spur gear, an SR25 sector gear, and a normal bevel gear.
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