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killem said:
I own the R85 or more correctly, the SA80. Its currently broken but I'm sending it in to be fixed hopefully. I have a Madbul M120, Madbul 6.03 TBB, and a G&P SR25 Piston in it. I'm planning on following the DMR guide. I have a couple of questions:
1)How do I make it semi-only? What type of selector plate does it have?

2)Which helps more, high-torque motor, or torque up gears?

3)If I do need to replace these, what type does the L85 take. I know it takes SR-25 pistons but I'm not sure on gears/motors.
first of all, R85 is a for u to love or hate..i have one n a few mod to mk it reliable. its an aeg for experience airsofter n not for newbie. u need more discipline. btw if u wan to do DMR, u need a good hi torque motor, but once u replace the motor, the decompress button dat located in the mag well is useless.u can push it but it wont mk ur ur spring decompress. it because the strong magnet inside hitorque motor. n NEVER use lipo!!..TOO FAST CYCLE on a long piston aeg cause ur piston strip faster.

in dis case u have to drill the upper part of the gb. it for indicating whether the spring is decompress or compress position(pic). u will see the piston body tru the hole if it compress. in the pic the piston is already decompress. take a few full auto shot to mk it decompress

for parts, its a hybrid kind of gearbox n the internal, its a PSG-1, SR-25 sector gear, M14 spur gear n normal bevel gear. piston use the 18 teeth just like PSG-1 or SR25 but it use a custom made for L85 for tappet plate. i recommend u buy one pcs for spare. but d cylinder head i stil not recognize wat version use it

Dis is mine setup, but my way of mod normally wit less $$$ n use wateva my hand can grab or still use stock parts dat being customised

5KU gear set for L85 (bought at ebairsoft)
Stock cylinder head
JG stock hitorque motor(M-43)
Guarder PSG-1 cylinder
Guarder red piston head
Hornbill custom 18 metal teeth poly pistonbody
Guarder SP120
Guarder oilless 6mm bushing
Deepfire 550mm 6.02 tbb
G&P hop up chamber
SCS hop nub
9.6volt battery
Teflon n RTV mod for zero air seal n silent
i also permanently disable my blowback mechanism

wit dis setup i achieve 520fps using .2g bb, for me its too much but for long range shooting DMR it suitable in my country. even u use 120 spring it can achive hi fps because R85 use long cylinder n long piston. it wil be much more compressed air inside the cylinder.
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