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Hey guys,

hope to get some help here on my problem:

just installed the Action Army S-Trigger Set,
had some problems during installation (piston sear wouldt catch the piston) but I managed to get it working,

I really like the new trigger set,
I got 15fps, the bolt pull is really easy now
and the trigger fells great,

everything else is still stock, other upgrades are comming soon,
now my problem is, that every few shots my spring guide stopper just falls out,
I cant really loose it, because it cant go out all the way,
but every now and then, I pull pull the bolt and suddenly I'm holding the zylinder in my hands >:D

Any Idea how to fix that?

Also, the new trigger box wont let me add the trigger guard,
better get a fitting metal trigger guard or file some off the plastig one to get it to fit??
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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