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About the Double bell vsr 10

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Hey guys if you know this rifle can you tell me if its good and just need a few upgrades to make it better and does it have the same problems as the other vsr clones have.
Im new to airsoft
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BTW when i bought this rifle it shoots 530 fps at .2g bbs

As seen above it can definitely be upgraded and perform. It should be almost fully VSR compatible. I'd still try to sell it, buy an SSG10 and save yourself some time and money.
But that sfc one is fully upgraded
Mines not
Thats not like mine

Speaking of novritsch rifles,i would want to buy the ssg10 instead of the ssg24 cause the ssg10 is like the ssg24 but cheaper and maybe easier to save money for
Definetely needs upgrades. Minimum new barrel and hopup bucking.
Thx man.
Thats could be my plan on upgrading my vsr.
Maybe even buy a new hop up chamber that uses hex keys to adjust cause the stock hop up chamber has plastic arm and adjustment the could break easily
I know that it's fully upgraded. That's why I linked it. You asked if the double bell could be upgraded, and that link shows you that it can.

I also recommended the SSG10, not the SSG24. I recommended it because by the time you spend the money upgrading that double bell VSR to be able to perform as well as an SSG10, you could have just bought the SSG10 for a similar amount of money and saved yourself the time.

If you insist on keeping the Double Bell, then you'll want an AA hop chamber, skeees or panthera nub, MR Hop or Autobot bucking, tightbore barrel, and then depending on the power level you're seeking a - stronger spring, spring guide, piston, trigger, and potentially even a new cylinder (I'm not familiar with how strong the stock cylinder or trigger is on a Double Bell, but I would assume it's poor).

So there ya go. Spend a bunch of money on upgrades or just buy the SSG10 and sell the Double Bell for a loss.
Well the dbelle one is fine in my opinion.
And i really want the ssg10 but the problem is they cant ship it to where i live which is in philippines.
So im sticking to the dbell one for now.
And if something breaks in it i will just replace it with something better.
But while looking at the stock parts i think it can hold for some years.
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