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Acceptable materials to use as a homemade hop-up nub?

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So I've been experimenting with homemade nubs lately and throwing ideas around in my head. So far I've tried nerf foams(works okay, but everytime I turn my hop-up on I have to re-zero my scope). I've been working on cutting a pencil eraser properly, but have to to try it.

I was wondering if sturdy paper would work? It would be easy to shape into the cylindrical shape and easy to cut. I also just read in another thread about using thick wire, which sounds feasible. I've also thought of using a shoelace.

What materials have you guys made a hop-up from? How were the results?
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Hey I feel so much like a noob for asking this but what exactly is a hop up nub??? I'm some what confused between thinking its either the rubber part that contacts the bb, or is it the bump thing on the hop up arm the one that pushes down on the rubber???? I'm thinking its the bump thing on the arm but I just want to be certain that it is what I think it is.

Thanks for the help
It's the rubber thing on the hop-up arm that pushes down on the bucking. :)
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