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Accuracy issues

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So I've got my bar-10 pretty powerful now ~590 or so. Edgi 6.00 ported KA bucking all the works, but I still cannot his a torso size target at 40 yds. with any kind of consistency. I'm having lots of problem with curvature. For a while I was curving to the right, I shimmed the hop up arm fixed it for a while and now I'm getting random curvature all over the place. I'm using GB .30's and I haven't had any sort of problems with them before, could this be the issue? I'm getting curves every direction even like a curveball in baseball (if that makes sense) and curves left right up and down. Any help is appreciated.
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I appreciate the ideas, and the inner barrel is brand new from Edgi ported 430mm. It sticks right into the end cap, but I don't think that it's the problem because it worked well when it was my only upgrade. This is pretty much how the time line went
Stock- pretty awesome accuracy
TBB- great accuracy
KA bucking- ridiculous overhop and lower accuracy
zero trigger piston guide 190 spring cyliner head- horrible curving
I honestly don't think it's technique because I'm trying to make simple shots that I have made countless times before. I mean I grew up with real steel guns, shooting competitions, hunting etc.
About the air affecting the bb after it exits, my barrel is ported.
I don't know about it bowing under it's own weight but i'll try barrel spacers I just didn't think that they would make such a huge difference.
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