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Going to go on a rant, hope it helps someway :lmao:

At that FPS you can actually use .43g and still get ranges past 200ft. Most of the far range distances people achieve is due to the hop up taking affect on the BB.

The ideal BB weight for great accuracy/range is determined by user preference and wallet size. If you're willing to spend $$$ then .43g bb's can perform amazingly with the power you're running. Some people recommend to use at the VERY least .28g, but in MY experience .30g is bare minimum for that FPS.

YES. The heavier the BB the lower your FPS becomes. HOWEVER, FPS is just how fast an object is moving. In no way does FPS alone determine how far the BB will travel or how much energy there is on impact.

FPS can assist in achieving longer ranges, but in most cases the big trade-off is accuracy. The higher the FPS, the heavier the BB required to maintain trustworthy accuracy.

The reason heavier BB's USUALLY go further is because there is more energy (JOULES) retained within a heavier BB while it flies. This energy fights against wind resistance (due to momentum) and thus allows further travel than lighter BB's experiencing MORE wind resistance since they're going faster.

One of the exceptions a lighter BB might travel further is if the gun is shooting at a lower energy (i.e. spring pistols). The heavier BB will drop faster because it takes more energy to move something that's heavier. Thus, the lighter BB will travel further, but will still be more inaccurate. The heavier BB will travel closer to a 12 o'clock path (straight on) and the lighter BB will travel more between 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock (slightly left/right.)

Another very important key for range besides BB weight is hop up. A gun with finely-tuned hop up and MUCH weaker FPS than yours (i.e. 328fps using 0.3g bb's) can and have gone 200ft+ easily AND accurately.

As a rule of thumb, BB quality is more important than weight to determine accuracy, but assuming that the quality is good-- BB's gradually become more accurate the heavier they become.

IMHO, 0.20g bb's are extremely inaccurate at 470-500FPS and should only be used with that sniper for chrono'ing or anything besides skirmishing.


To sum it up, use nothing lighter than 0.28g bb's. The heavier the BB you use, the better the accuracy and distance for the FPS you're running at. This will only work if you also fine-tune your hop-up. With all of this, your gun can shoot 200ft.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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