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ACM Barrett M99

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I haven't actually gotten my hands on this yet, but my wife got the UPS package and sent me the pic. I was expecting the new SOCOM M82A1, but it was this ACM M99 instead.

I didn't even know this was out there.

Apparently, except for the trigger group, it's APS-2 compatible. It's nice to see a non-AEG Barrett and this will be upgradeable to meet the expectations of a sniper rifle.

*Edit* - Here's the transcript from the video review. Actual lines will differ from the video due to editing.

The airsoft sniper market has been flood with imitations of Remington 700's and Accuracy International rifles. Since Tokyo Marui and Maruzen first produced their versions of these rifles, snipers and tinkers have poured their hard earned income on modifications and after market parts to gain the edge in both performance and accuracy. Finally, after years of waiting, the bolt action springer community has a new platform to turn their knowledge and dedication to. I'm Travis Barrett of Airsoft bringing you the Moondog Industries review of the ACM M99 from Evike.

The Model 99 was first introduced in 1999 by Barrett Rifles, the company famous for their semi-automatic Model 82 fifty caliber; designated M107 by the United States Army. However the M99 was developed to fill a gap in applications that emphasized accuracy over firing rates. It features a bull-pup design, shortened barrel, and single-shot breach. As a result, this version of fifty caliber sniper weapons is a less expensive alternative better suited for counter-sniper urban operations and explosive ordinance disposal. It also proved itself in a 2001 competition, were it set a world record by placing five consecutive rounds in a four point zero nine inch group at one thousand yards.

The packaging is simple but efficient. While I'm sure many graphic artists and collectors out there may be disappointed in the lack of crisp graphics and sexy data tables, I can't help but appreciate development being diverted to the weapon system itself. The box protects the product during transport and efficiently manages the space needed for such a robust airsoft rifle. However, since knowledge is power and safety could potentially be an issue with such a poorly translated manual, a little bit more effort could have been put into that department.

While I haven't ever handled the real steel version of the M99, my operational experience with the M82A3 leads me to believe this is a fair representation. The muzzle brake is spot on, the trigger pull is similarly gritty, even the harsh metal on cheek inspired slightly forgotten memories. The concept of a "full metal" airsoft gun has never been fully realized like this. It should hold up for quite a while.

As I began disassembly, I was shocked at how many parts in this design are likely to NEVER break. I only found a handful parts that weren't metal. A small lever in the lower trigger group, the piston, the hop rubber and nub, the magazine, and the buttstock. The inner barrel is listed as a "stock tight bore" and it certainly is of a more ridged bull barrel design. With the exception of the proprietary trigger group assembly, the M99 is a shell for the APS-2. However, since all the parts are metal, I don't think much will need to be upgraded except the spring and hop-up rubber. If you use the barrel polishing methods developed by Wandall of the Airsoft Sniper forums, you shouldn't have any problem having a gun that performs on par with the +$500 upgraded systems.

Out of the box, this cannon was shooting 478 FPS with .2 gram match grade BB's. Our accuracy tests put five .28gram BB's in a 6 inch group at 100 ft for the best group. I have no doubt that with the tinkering no sniper can resist, this rifle can develop into the accurate long range performer it was intended to be. The only issues I experienced with the rifle had to do with it's magazine. The internal spring proved to be to strong. After the first shot stripped the top BB, and you racked the bolt for the second shot, the magazine had a tendency of unloading the magazine into the chamber, sometimes firing five or six BB's at a time.

However, the issues with magazine reliability were disappointing for a gun on the higher end of typical clone prices. No matter how awesome a gun looks, it's hard to appreciate one that functions questionably. The weight may also be a concern to some. While your typical airsoft sniper will whine about it or laugh at anyone who actually considers using this in a game, I consider it a positive thing. Having served in the Marines and in Iraq, I'm no stranger to the fact that sometimes the best equipment for the job is also the heaviest. In the hands of a dedicated sniper, this rifle will prove to be a solid performer famous for making the lazy call their hits at unheard of distances. It's durable. It's accurate. It's unique. It's upgradeable. But most importantly, airsoft companies are daring to try new things and listen to their customers. The ACM M99 is proof that our community is heard.
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Can't wait to see the review on the beast.
i'm picking up this baby tomarrow at a local airsoft store! i am quite excited, 450 out of the box.
m24dave said:
i'm picking up this baby tomarrow at a local airsoft store! i am quite excited, 450 out of the box.
You sure about that? I opened it up and was surprised to see that pretty much everything was metal on the inside. If I read things correctly, this thing should be easy to put a better spring and cylinder in, but I don't know if it's shooting that hot out of the box.

The manufacturer says it shoots 350 out of the box with .2g and based on my test firings, I'd say that's just about right.

If you do purchase it though, be sure to get high rise scope rings. I have two extra scopes and both were to low to get a proper sight picture without a riser or higher rings.

Expect a video review before too long.

*Edit* You were sorta right. It shoots even hotter than that 450fps...with .28g
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