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A quick glance to the A.C.M Magpul series.

UBR (Utility / Battle Rifle)- stock

-7 positions adjustable
- removable compartment for batteries, etc.
- Interchangeable buttplate (comes with a thin one)
- Interchangeable cheekrest, Comes with 2 different sizes
- 2 QD slots, can be swapped to other side.


The stock can be attached to a RS, GBBR or an aeg using different mounting equipment that come in the package. Lower tube is for RS type attachment, and above you can see the modified AEG block.

The AEG attachment brought problems straight away, since I like my guns wired to the back. The block had a wire pull-through hole with a diameter of 2mm, which needed to be enlarged.

The stock itself attaches to the block with the cheekpad screws on the sides, and with an hex-screw from the bottom. Especially these screws are prone to break due to the material used in the stock. I managed to snap mine with only 3 finger torgue. These 3 screws are also the only way of keeping the stock attached to the gun, So I wouldn't trust it. Atleast not anymore, since I did it once and the stock broke off my gun and ended up barrel first to the ground, ending up in a bent barrel.


The interchangeable buttpad, attaches with two hex screws. Here's a thing to watch after, since I lost mine in the first game. the buttpad comes off with almost no force.

Changeable cheekrest, Really good quality, the stock comes with two sizes to fit your needs. Only downside in these was the typo:

QD slots, which I wouldn't trust either, atleast my KA QD mounts didn't fit it at all, but a friends Cyma one did fit. otherwise a great feature, and I have no doubts of it working with different QD swivels.
Front mounting hole

Rear mounting hole

Alltogether a good stock, but with a few flaws.

+Price (50

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A.C.M Magpul MBUS

20mm Flip-up sight set featuring
- Polymer construction (well atleast the RS ones are, these seem like ABS.)
- takes space ~6,5cm off the rail
- fast deployment with a simple tap
- rear post features windage adjustment, and front post for elevation adjusting

First glance
The first time I got these, they seemed nice, came in a cardboard box which said Magpul on it. Inside I found both sights packed in a minigrip bag. They had a few mold marks on them, but they came off with an exacto knife pretty easilly.

When I attached these to my AR to test them out, I was in for a surprise... They didn't fit. Too small inner diameter prevented the attachment to RS, and atleast Element Noveske rails. Had an hour of filing to get these fit, once I finally did, they never seated properly, the posts were always a bit off, they never locked firmly to down/up positions, instead they flexed a bit and fear of self deployment was in the air.

I had to take the sights apart, and bend the spring inside, file a few parts to get it to work properly. Without these few minor defects, it's a great set, but if you're looking for good quality, go for the real ones.

+ Price, 12
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