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Action Army Zero-Trigger for L96 (Type 96)

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Ordered from:

Cost: $120

The gun I own is a UTG L96, and I needed a replacement for the stock trigger mech since the plastic rod-holes inside the shell had snapped. My options were either this, Laylax Zero-trigger ($145), and PDI V-trigger ($180 orig., about $135 with 30% off at Airsoft Atlanta). Opted for the cheapest option, really.

From the date of this review, this trigger has been out for probably about 4-5 months, so there really isn't much known on it.

Airsoft GI made a video on the trigger, comparing it to the Laylax trigger:

So, on with pics.

Shmancy packaging. I like.

If you notice on the spring guide stopper, there is actually a little flathead screw on the bottom of the spring guide stopper with a hole going through the screw. It's not some useless screw. I've actually been waiting for a manufacture to do something like this.

The L96's stock has a slot that the spring guide stopper goes through (right in front of the trigger guard). While the gun is fully assembled, the flathead screw on the bottom of the spring guide stopper can be accessed through this slot and can also be unscrewed, thus exposing the hole going through the screw, as I mentioned before. You can stick an allen wrench in this hole, pull down, and release the spring guide stopper, thus releasing the cylinder. This is useful for if you want to change springs without completely disassembling the gun.

Trigger fits perfectly on the receiver. Looks just like the Laylax Zero-Trigger. Even the insides look like the Laylax trigger. It has the bearing system identical to the Laylax, and unfortunately, doesn't have a safety, just like the Laylax.

Here's the bearing system in action:

Trigger at rest.

Trigger pulled.

I have 2 different springs, 450 fps and 550 fps, for different field limits. Oddly, it seems as if, though the trigger pull is equally as light, the trigger disengagement distance feels a tad bitshorter with the 550 fps spring (PDI APS 240) than with the 450 fps spring (stock spring). At least, that's how it feels. It's probably because of the bearing system, slipping more easily with heavier springs. The pull distance with the 550 fps spring actually feels relatively short, which isn't necessarily bad, just a little surprising.

-Very solid, built like a tank. I don't see a spring it can't take.
-Trigger pull is light and smooth. There's no jerkiness like in the stock trigger.
-Has the lowest price tag out of all other trigger mechs.
-Has screw under the spring guide stopper to aid in field strips.

-No safety.
-Pull distance feels a little too short, esp. on heavier springs.

Overall, I would feel very confident about this trigger mech. I feel like it can take any spring you want (I'm running a PDI APS 240 spring, a 550-600 rated one). It's just as strong as the Laylax version, since it is basically a complete clone of it, yet, it's much cheaper than any other trig mech. The only difference is that pull distance feels a bit short, but there are those who complain that the Laylax's pull distance is too long. Too bad the pull distance isn't adjustable...
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Thanks. It's great to hear some more info on it!
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