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Action Army Zero Trigger?

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Hey guys,
I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this zero trigger. The stock trigger box on my jg bar 10 broke (the front lip where you screw it in broke off) and i wanted to get this trigger because it is way cheaper than the laylax one. I plan to run a m150 spring in it. Would you guys recommend this or should i get a new trigger assembly for $30 (i already have upgrade sears) and a piston for $35?

Ling to z trig:
Link to trigger box:
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If you want to get the good stuff I would go with the trigger. It looks like an exact clone of the LL one but I have never used the LL one so I can't say for sure. It has been working perfectly for the past few months now for me. The only issue is you have to file/sand the sides of the spring guide stopper to get it to fit but that only takes a few minutes. I also have a perfect air seal with the piston that comes with it so that's a plus.
I have one with a M160 spring. Not had it very long but it works fine.

Quite common to have to file down the spring guide stopper a little bit to get it to fit. But that's very simple. Its a straight bit of metal and you don't need to unscrew anything just take a tiny bit off.


I would definitely recommend getting a zero trigger and the AA one is very good value.
Thanks guys one more thing i wanna ask. If i want to upgrade the spring guide, does it have to be a laylax one or will any (airsoft gi's maybe?) fit?
Any spring guide meant for VSR rifles will work. You can keep the plastic spring guide and have the same performance because the upgraded guides only give more durability. The ball bearing guides are supposed to release some spring tension when uncompressed but I'm not sure how well that works considering the piston can rotate if needed.
Oh cool. Oh i almost forgot can anypne send me a pic of how ypu have to cut the trigger guard for it to fit?
You just have to saw or file off the little thing that holds onto the T shaped holder in front of the stock trigger if that makes sense. You want it to rest flat against the z-trig. I can take a pic later if you want.
I think I understand what i have to do, but to be sure can you post the pic? I don't want to mess up :p
Yea must admit the AA trigger is just as good as the LL since I've had use out of both of them, actualy the AA piston gave a much better airseal than the LL, it's almost perfect
Airsoft GI reckon that the Action Army Zero-trigger is exactly the same as the Laylax Zero-trigger, but with a slightly heavier pull (not noticeably heavier though).
I don't know about the piston though, but the trigger does look identical to the Laylax one!
The piston gets me a perfect air seal. With a brand new m170 spring I can hold my finger to the tip of the barrel and pull the trigger, wait five minutes, let go and feel a blast of air come out. i'll get that pic soon, sorry for being a little late. I've got to find the sd to usb adapter. I use it constantly and now I put it somewhere safe, it's very safe now.
I prefer the AA piston over the laylax one. Quite frankly, the laylax one was complete shit and gave very poor seal over the last few months I used it. Granted, it was rather old, but the design and use of the o-ring on the AA piston is something I like.

Also got my hands on the AA trigger today, and is very well built and is something that I was quite impressed with.
Cheese said something about an AA trigger breaking on him or hearing about it breaking or something like that. Besides a sping snapping, which will happen eventually because those small springs don't last forever, I don't see how one of these triggers could break unless they were using it to break rocks LOL.
Well I guess you can't have every single one in perfect condition. Anyway, I should get that pic up tonight. I'm busy at the moment so sorry for getting it up late.
Well of course I can't find that stupid sd to usb adapter to get the pic on here, but I did find this:

It's not my pic but that's what it should look like. You can even cut it down a little bit less if possible. You want it as flush with the trigger box as possible.
Awesome, thanks for all the advice guys, i am going to be the trigger as soon as asgi has it back in stock :)
I also saw it on ebay for the exact same price, although of course you can't use the ASGI coupons on ebay. I don't know if it is in stock there but if you don't want to wait you could get it there.
So i ordered the trigger but i have a problem with it. I am using a 170 but Whenever it shoots the fps is only like 30 :( i sanded down the sides of the spring guide stopper but that didn't do the trick. Help please!!!
I have purchased about six Action army triggers (I upgrade guns for others) and also a Laylax trigger. The Action army one is just as good as the Laylax if not better.
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