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First off is my VFC Barrett M82a1 V2 and my V3 AtoZ Real Wood Dragunov SVD

CA M24 (550fps/.20g)

Bar-10 (550fps/.20g)

TSD Mk96 (500fps/.20g)

Old picture, had external upgrades done to it and paint job.

And some may say my Tanaka K98k isn't a sniper rifle because of the lack of scope or something, if your one of those people, suck it...

My newer TM VSR-10

My ghillie, been a year since I have added new burlap, starting to show that it needs it.

I am still missing pictures of my G&G Veteran M14 and Tokyo Marui PSG-1, may post them up if people want.

Also, as soon as my HPA powered WA-2000 rifle is finished being built I will be sure to have pictures of it posted.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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