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Hey guys, finally got my ghillie, it's based on a webtex vest, and is only for my back and head, the front is uncovered. Anyway, it has a fair bit of hessian attached to it, however there are many spare gaps where the base vest stands out. So, I need to attach some vegetation to it, but I am thinking, this will be a pain in the but if I have to replace it with fresh leaves etc. every time. So, is there any artificial stuff that looks real? Is there some sort of spray used to preserve the veg put onto the ghillie? How long would the leaves etc. stay on the vest before it would need to be replaced, e.g if i glue it/sewed it on, would it last months, or weeks? And finally, if i don't use glue/string to secure it, does it simply slot into the elastic pouches on the vest? Will the veg stay in place if it is only looped through the pouches? And will the veg fill out all the gaps on the ghillie, where the base vest stands out?

Sorry for the long thread and questions!

All help is appreciated,

Josh ;)
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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