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Ohhh, I thought, that 90 degrees solution, takes the piston to the back, so volume is extended. Is this what TTI does?
Nearly all 90 degree triggers do not do this.
The point of a 90 degree trigger is basically two fold.

Firstly it is stronger than the 45 degree system. This is because the way that the piston sear contacts the trigger sear is completely vertical. This is sturdier than the way a 45 degree trigger does it which is at angle, due to the distribution of force or something.

[45 degree trigger on the left, 90 degree trigger on the right}

Secondly, a 90 degree trigger will make the bolt push and pull much smoother than a 45 degree trigger. This is because in a 45 degree trigger the piston is under pressure at an angle. This forces the rear of the piston against the top of the cylinder making it more difficult for it to slide.

[Like this]

In a 90 degree trigger, because the sear presses vertically against the piston, this will not happen.
This is the purpose of the normal 90 degree trigger.

Now let me talk about Zero Triggers.
A lot of 90 degree triggers will claim that they are Zero triggers. This is not the case. A Zero trigger is a 90 degree trigger, that has one additional feature.
It has a bearing where the sears contact that allows them to slide off each other rather than rub against each other.
This makes the trigger pull much lighter and increases trigger longevity.
There are 5 of these triggers on the market. They are made by Action Army, Laylax, TTI and EMG.

Finally let me talk about triggers that increase fps.
Some 90 degree triggers move the sear that contacts the piston further back. This allows the spring to compress more and this increases the power.
Below you can see a diagram of a normal 90 degree trigger (left) and the bulltrigger (right). The bulltrigger has this function and thus increased power.
There are only 2 triggers that do this currently. The Bulltrigger and the TTI.

I hope this clarifies things.


proverbial discord mod wannabe
1,608 Posts
Here's the thing. 4 joules might not actually be desirable.
There seems to be a point of diminishing returns with power in airsoft, and 4 joules seems to be past it (if I recall correctly).
Air brakes don't work that well for VSR10s, the trade off isn't really worth it.
To be honest, I would just cut the spring, but wait for someone else to weigh in before doing so. I might be wrong.
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