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Hi All!
1tonne, I’ve been following your work for a few years now, I’ve setup my AEGs and extended cylinder DMRs with great success with information that you’ve published. So thank you for that!

I've had a Bar10 Gspec sitting in the corner collecting dust that I want to start building since I'm getting bored using AEGs all the time, despite how amazing mine perform.

If you guys were going to do it all over again today with making the ultimate VSR-based rifle, what would you do? Between parts, custom modifications/tweaks, and whatever else would be necessary. I’ve got access to CNC equipment as well. I see new parts are trickling out all the time and this thread isn't updated too frequently.

So, what does the Summer 2022 "Ultimate" VSR parts/mod list look like, money aside? Again, base is a Bar10 Gspec. I want to run .48-.49gr BBs utilizing JC.

Trigger - TTI Zero (Will pull cylinder further back slightly, increasing compressible volume)
Bore up cylinder - TNT claims 43.5ccs of volume, what does the CZ claim? I didn't see any data on
Barrel - 6.01x360mm using .48gr+ BBs? VSR or AEG style hop window? My other guns are R-Hopped, does it make sense to ER-Hop at this weight?
Bucking - ?
Spring - Laylax SP190 (different inner diameters? Benefits?)
Hop Chamber - Action Army
Barrel Spacers - Lambda Gspec Spacer Set

-How much weight on the piston?
-Ditch air brake?

Noise Reduction
-RC helicopter foam skids in outer barrel (Ali Express) 4-5
-Foam fill stock, will reduce vibrations and help with noise.

I know this is a laughable list, BARs are a new space for me, as is GBBRs. I'm trying! 😂 I will update this post as answers come in, which I hope will help others as well!

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I do really like the TTI trigger but I have not tried the cylinder. Though, preferably, I would get a bore up as you mentioned. (Not a PDI bore up)
Also, you would need a longer inner barrel to match the cylinder volume. I also like 6.00mm barrels.
Not sure on piston weight. Maybe 30-40gm
No air brake
1. What conclusion did you come to after your tests with the 5.98mm ID barrels? It seems you gained some muzzle energy with the 5.98 over the 6.01, have you done any additional testing?

2. I saw in another thread that you wanted to do a comparison of the TNT BU cylinder kit and the one from CZ, has that gained any traction?

3. Piston weight, an additional 30-40gm over whatever stock weight is, or 30-40gm total weight?

4. In regards to barrels, I see a few people putting AEG cut barrels into their VSRs, is there a benefit or stick with the standard VSR/GBB cut barrels?
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