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Advantage to Long barrels + Big cylinders?

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Is there any advantage to using longer inner barrels (with correctly matched cylinders, of course). I've heard very controversial reports on this subject. For example, take an SVD with a 690mm barrel vs an AK47 with a 455mm barrel, with both guns having correctly matched cylinders and near-perfect compression. Assume that both barrels are perfect quality and are very straight. Which rifle will perform better? Some people say that past 450mm barrel accuracy will go down, while others say a longer barrel will result in more accurate shots, even though the difference is minimal past a certain length. Does anyone have any test data regarding this?

I've also heard that longer barrels = more fps. Will a longer barrel + big cylinder have more fps than a shorter barrel + small cylinder? Assume C:B ratios for both barrels are ideal and everything else is the same. After all, why do people use long barrels and bore-up cylinders? And a longer barrel makes the rifle quieter, right?
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There are some other advantages, but accuracy is not inherent.

A long barrel with the same spring can give more energy to a heavier BB than a lighter, which can be quite beneficial.

Putting energy into the ball means a quieter shot too, since the pop at the end is the extra energy blasting out the muzzle after the ball. For instance, my DMR makes practically no noise but the gearbox's turning. It makes less noise when dry-fired with the barrel in than with no barrel too.

I use a long barrel because that is what the gun demands.
MP5 just needs a heavier ball.
Good! you recognised two different words describe the same shape. Have a gold star. *
Oh, a wider bore might provide more power, since there is a bit of mechanical advantage to putting a wider volume through a smaller aperture, as how mechanic's hydraulic lift works.
I suspect because the air has expanded in the barrel and is a touch less sharp, slower when it comes out. Or, it just might be the shape of the body when the barrel is out is like a trumpet mouth.

Anyway, heavier balls take energy that could be used to make noise in stead.
I really think it is just the length allowing more energy to go into the ball and less into the air at the muzzle.
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