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AEG or Spring Sniper

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I know their is probably a thread made for this, but I was wanting to get an answer catered towards me. Basically I am at the point of which I have two tremendously good offers for rifles. I can either go the AEG route with the VFC SSR, or the ASGI G700 BAR-10. Both are asking the same amount, but I really just want one rifle now.

Bone Stock
2 Magazines

Airsoft GI Sear Set
Airsoft GI Piston
Airsoft GI G700 Spring
Airsoft GI Spring Guide
Airsoft GI 6.01mm Inner Barrel
Airsoft GI Made and Designed in the USA CNC Machined Military Standard 1913
Hard Coat
Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum Top Scope Accessory Rail
1 mag

Which would you choose and why?
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Bolt Action- Higher FPS limit for field play (500-550), can be made quieter than a DMR AEG. Good for stalking/true sniper role.
DMR - 20x the fire rate of a Bolt Action. More BB's down range means more kills. This would be the more practical option, and you can make a DMR aeg to be almost as quiet as a bolt action. 20 BB's @ 450 fps will probably have the same effect at 250 feet as 1 BB @ 500-550 fps.
If you are moving around a lot, then a DMR could be ideal. But if you want to stay stealth in a same spot for some time to take out as much players as possible, then the noise of the DMR will give you away easily.

I found that a spring bolt sniper is so quiet, you can get more kills and stay stealthy in the same spot longer. Also, for me spring snipers are definitely more accurate than my DMR.

I can run very powerful springs on a sniper, whereas on a DMR gear box components stress is an issue once you exceed 480fps.
Personally I would suggest the spring route mainly because I think it helps teach you to place your shots carefully. (1 in the chamber etc). I will give you fair warning DO NOT at all costs DO NOT buy any airsoft gi upgraded weapons... its really a scam, that they charge you WAY to much money. Get the basic rifle or even better if you can find a scrapped/broken one, you can get it for cheap and fill it with some really nice parts saving you allot of money in the long run. That's my $0.02 if I could do it all over again.
I dunno about that VFC SSR.. They are pains to upgrade and find magazines for if I remember correctly
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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