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I know their is probably a thread made for this, but I was wanting to get an answer catered towards me. Basically I am at the point of which I have two tremendously good offers for rifles. I can either go the AEG route with the VFC SSR, or the ASGI G700 BAR-10. Both are asking the same amount, but I really just want one rifle now.

Bone Stock
2 Magazines

Airsoft GI Sear Set
Airsoft GI Piston
Airsoft GI G700 Spring
Airsoft GI Spring Guide
Airsoft GI 6.01mm Inner Barrel
Airsoft GI Made and Designed in the USA CNC Machined Military Standard 1913
Hard Coat
Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum Top Scope Accessory Rail
1 mag

Which would you choose and why?
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