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AEG problems.

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I know this wouldn`t be a place to talk about this stuff but its a mp5.
Ok I have a mp5. I plugged in the battery with the fuse. It woudn`t shoot. Yes the wires got hot. So I decide being myself to do a fuse bypass. I plug the battery back in and the wires catch on fire? I know WTF. Do you know what is wrong.
Here are the more important specs.
Classic army high torque motor.
8.4v battery
M100 spring.
Can you help me because I need this back up and running and not catching on fire anymore. With that happening I would conclude my wiring is dead now.
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You may want to run your AEG's without fuses... But given how many un-fused guns I have seen catch fire in the field Versus how many fused guns I have seen catch fire on the field, I think I will keep my fuse. Thank you :)

Anyway, it sounds to me like your wiring is caught somewhere and is shorting out the gun, you will need to inspect your wiring to make sure it's not broken or pinched anywhere. For an immediate fix to a broken cable you can wrap the break in electrical tape until you can replace it.

Don't forget to check that the contacts on your motor are correctly attached liek everybody else has suggested too!
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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