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Aftermath and A&K SVD side by side Review

Hey everyone, I bought the Aftermath SVD-S a few weeks ago, and since it is a relatively new and unknown rifle to the airsoft market, I made a side by side review with its older cousin, the A&K SVD. Booligan already has a review on ASR, so check that out before you read mine, because I'm not going to post every detail is already available. His review can be found here:

Without further ado, lets begin.

The first thing I noticed was that the SVD-S is much heavier than the SVD, despite the fact that the SVD-S has a folding stock. The handguard is noticeably chunkier and can be uncomfortable to some. But what really grits my teeth is that a lot of the rifle is pinned instead of screwed together. Take a look:

(I forgot to mark a screw on the SVD-S. There is a screw underneath the pistol grip, which holds the grip in place. No wobble.)

Dust covers are incompatible, as the SVD-S has different tabs at the front of the cover. The SVD dust cover has the stamped ribs while the SVD-S dust cover is more geometric. The lever that lets one remove the cover is also different. There is a spring on the inside of the receiver, which makes sure that the lever does not become unlatched. The stock has a terrible wobble, which doesn't appear to be fixable. The source of the wobble is not where the stock latches onto the receiver, which appears to be solid. See here:

Other than the stock, the rest of the rifle is wobble free.
The hopup unit, which was the main reason why I bought the rifle, has a single textured wheel to adjust the hopup. If you turn the wheel to the max, it resets itself back to 0 hop, which can be handy as I'm never going to make it max hop. There is a distinct click when the hopup is reset. The unit is also bigger than the SVD unit.

The nub and rubber appear to be nothing special. Unlike the SVD, the SVD-S does not have a V-hop and uses VSR style buckings. It is additionally secured by two screws.
The bolt carriers also are incompatible. The SVD fits into the SVD-S receiver, but is unstable and will not chamber a round because the SVD-S hop up unit is too large. Conversely, The SVD-S bolt carrier is too big for the SVD.

If you thought the SVD bolt handle was small, then you're going to have trouble with the SVD-S one. It's small, but I can manage as I'm very used to the cocking style.
Cylinder heads are also a bit different. The SVD-S nozzle is a little bit larger.

The spring guides and the screws that secure them are also different and incompatible. Watch out when you take out the spring guide because only the screws are keeping it from sliding out of place. I wouldn't worry though, it's solid. They both take elongated AEG springs.

Trigger sears are compatible. However, the A&K sear sometimes did not cock in the SVD-S.


Aftermath SVD-S

The pistons are cross compatible. However, the SVD-S piston does not have lightening cuts along the shaft.

The pin inside the flash hider is glued in there. I could not remove it without completely destroying and melting the front sight, so now I have a front sightless rifle. :(

Magazines are also incompatible. The lips are different. However, I'm sure with some filing, the SVD magazines can fit into the SVD-S receiver. The mag with the "bb" is the A&K.

Here is a quick summary of the incompatible/compatible parts

Confirmed Compatible
Secondary Spring
Trigger sear (still kind of finicky with the A&K sear installed)

Spring guide
Pistol grip
Trigger Unit

Everything else is unknown. I'll try to finish up the disassembly later! Thanks for the read. if you have any questions, I'd happy to answer them.

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I disassembled the hopup chamber, and found out a couple of interesting things. The thing uses VSR buckings (and VSR barrels I guess. I've never owned a vsr/bar10) and has a built in SCS style nub into the metal hopup arm. But the bucking has an internal nub, so looking down the barrel, the profile is not really that of SCS. I'll probably replace it for a nine ball. Pics soon.

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mateba said:
Nice comparison, good review! Do you know how long the inner barrel is? The cylinder looks like it holds the bolt in place, does the front of the bolt appear pretty beefy? Weird question, sry, but I would appreciate a response, thx.
The barrel length is about 550mm.

As for the second question, I'm not sure what you're asking, so here is hodgepodge of answers. The cylinder, like that of the A&K, is held inside of the bolt by friction and a small grub screw on the side of the bolt. The bolt is also very thick, as I hammered the face of the bolt where the other spring guide goes with a lot of force, and it did not break but it did deform a little (I was trying to get the A&K cylinder to fit, it does).

Pretty thick to me. It should withstand lots of beatings.
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