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Okay, i'm installing my PDI. Everything goes smoothly.
First the BBs are powering down. Second time, I go back, and the BB jams, tearing a small piece of my bucking off around the end that comes off the barrel, and ripping my smallest O ring in half.
This really sucks, and i'm confused. Is anyone willing to let me ship them my gun or tell me what/how to fix it?

This is an ECHO 1 ASR
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Yes, in the side of the chamber, there are 2 little hex screws. Snug those down, not too tight, but those hold the barrel in place.
No, they are in the side of the chamber, towards the muzzle end - in the side. ;)
I think we are talking about the same ones...

Pics would confirm, but yes, I believe so.
One of the things that I experienced recently was the fact that my bucking got way too slippery because of excess teflon tape on the cylinder head. That or any grease/lube on the bucking at all could also give the results you speak of. I would check that out.
1 - 4 of 40 Posts
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