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Okay, i'm installing my PDI. Everything goes smoothly.
First the BBs are powering down. Second time, I go back, and the BB jams, tearing a small piece of my bucking off around the end that comes off the barrel, and ripping my smallest O ring in half.
This really sucks, and i'm confused. Is anyone willing to let me ship them my gun or tell me what/how to fix it?

This is an ECHO 1 ASR
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Yeah, this is stressing me out, I don't think I should deal with this. May break it, more.
It made a "PFIIIHHHHHH" kinda noise. Uh, no BBs came out, and the barrel spacer came with it.
I've packed all my stuff into baggies. The smallest O ring was not properly installed, and it shredded in half. I'm gonna have to buy a repair kit unless someone has an extra one. Just going to take a deep breathe, it's my birthday and i'm already getting made at my gun. lol.
And I have no idea, my friend was "wtfing" in real life. I don't know how to install the small rings and I youtube'd it for 2 hours.
Thanks Woogie, i'm off to dinner with the family. Going to look at it Friday Night after exams and everything are finished. Would you suggest the repair kit for the PDI?
Yeah its this stuff that wants to me make me throw the gun and quit. But, it'll be worth it in the end.
Alright, so my repair kit is in the mail. How far down does the little O Ring have to be?
Another issue I had is the bucking and barrel could move back and fourth in the hopup (Slides up and down) Is there something to tighten that up?
Those are on the outer edge on the top of the hopup, correct?
What about the two screws you install towards the muzzle end on the outside? and you tighten them up? I can post a picture if there is confusion.
Will post promptly tomorrow.
Ill check after practice :)
Alright, I just glanced, my engineering teacher let me on during class. Anyways, I see the pictures. Only parts i'm confused on is the small o ring, is there a certain depth? And, I'm thinking about how I want to adjust the hopup. My BB's were diving previously, could that be a hopup issue?
Thanks Will, I may contact you for help aswell, as you've done the ASR recently
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Thank you ALL! I GOT it working! It's fast, hits DEAD straight, and is just perfect. Thank you all:)
Basically, what I did was, I installed the small O ring correctly.
Then, I changed the large O ring to a rubber band. Credit to Fuzzy for this.
I installed the hopup screws correctly this time around.
I made sure I tightened the larger hex screws near the barrel end of the houp. Make sure you tighten them so your barrel doesn't move.
Also - Lubing it is a good idea. I can write a guide if you wish. :)
My BBs are powering down, again, somehow. I have no idea whats up >.<
As in powering down with no hopup. It's got all its power still.
Bucking is torn. AGAIN. Small part of the bottom got torn off. Great. Well, any suggestions on buckings? I really don't want to buy another Firefly.
I can't post a picture. But, this picture
The part that sticks out, the little part that sticks off the barrel, is missing half. Could that be it?
I currently have a hard bucking in. I will select a new one tonight. Im probably going to get a gaurder. Ill keep you posted.
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