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AGM/JG APS2 L96 mag problem

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so i got a AGM/JG APS2 L96 a few days ago.
the gun is great good weight, good stock FPS. but once in awhile when pulling back the bolt the mag will empty half the bbs into the cylinder. is the mag to powerful?? is there a flaw with the feeding mech?? is there anyway i can fix this problem?

Thanks for helping
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Just spend the extra 10 dollars on a new mag, and if it doesn't work, you probably have a problem with the cylinder.
yep i have already spent the 10 bucks and just waiting...
I actually just had a conversation with a guy on another forum about this happening to his rifle as well. He had around 5 mags, and it all did the same thing thats happening to you.

I forget how he was able to solve the problem, but if I am able to find it, I will post it here for you. Not saying that its not the mag, but I knew there was some other problem that was causing this to happen.
it would be awesome if you could find the way he fixed it... when i fill the mag half full it doesnt do it.... (as much)
when i put a full one in it does it on the first cock.
Check everything inside the rifle as well.... Sounds like something is hitting the ammo button on the mag and dumping it. Check for burrs and things like that .
I read a review on this gun (And I am getting one), and someone had the same problem. He fixed it by only putting 24 in the mag. Apparently it worked for him!
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